The Aftermath of Chaos

Chapter 1.1 - A Plea for Help
Who can resist a damsel in distress?

Relaxing at the Blue Moon Alehouse in lower Fallcrest, the party notices a distressed woman enter the bar. While she speaks with some other patrons, Belkin attempts (and fails) to listen in on the conversation. Crestfallen and rebuffed by the other patrons, the woman sits in a corner, uncertain what to do next.

Tavern patrons

Al saunters up to the woman to offer assistance. Recognizing her as a local merchant, he discovers that her trading company has been beset with many recent tragedies including the death of her husband. The company is in dire shape and the caravan overdue to Harkenwold. Al offers the assistance of the party and is told to meet Arlandra at her trading office 1 hour hence.

Belkin, having purchased a round for the other patrons, attempts (and fails) to cut the purse of one of the patrons. Narrowly avoiding a fight with another mercenary company, the party pulls Belkin out of the bar. They party notes that the mercenaries wear an insignia of a clenched hand on a violet background.

Meeting Arlandra at the Kings Way Trading Coster, the group interrupts a tense discussion between Arlandra and Gerrold, the owner of a competing trade company. Gerrold has offered to acquire Arlandra’s assets and debt through a marriage pact.

Setting off that evening, the party spends the next 4 days on the road attempting to overtake the caravan and discover its whereabouts. On the 5th day, the party encounters the remains of one of the wagons, broken in the roadway and partially looted. After chasing off goblin looters, they meet Torrin, one of the caravan survivors who has been laying low in the woods. The party heads after the remaining goblins leaving Torrin to guard the remaining trade goods. Tracking the goblins back to some nearby ruins, the party discovers the other caravan wagon and dead guardsmen. With their strength depleted from the recent skirmishes, the goblins prove no match for the party and are defeated. One goblin shaman escapes…


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