The Aftermath of Chaos

Chapter 2.1 - On the Road Again

Just can't wait...

Following the lead divulged by the blacksmith, the Mudvein Mercenaries head on a two day trek along the King’s Road to the Cloak Wood and Kobold Hall. Formerly known as Celwvynne Manor (Kel-hUAne), the country estate of a Fallcrest noble prior to the invasion of the Horned King. Now abandoned, decrepit and over-run with nefarious monnsters, the manor has been branded “Kobold Hall” for the creatures that raid in the area. On the second day of travel, the party, looking for trouble, soon find it in the form of a Kobold patrol.

The challenge proves more difficult than anticipated. Kobold slingers lob clay pot bombs from afar while Dragonshields dance into and out of melee with their quick, scampering combat style that which keeps them just out of weapons reach. After a difficult skirmish, the party defeats the patrol. However, no prisoners are taken, so the opportunity for intelligence on their destination is lost. Despite the group’s injuries and uncertainties on what they face, the party presses on, following the patrol’s tracks back to the manor.


Waldo Waldo

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