The Aftermath of Chaos

Chapter 2.4 - Full Frontal Audacity

There can never be too many Kobolds.

The Mercenaries of Mudbane have encountered two Kobold patrols since their approach to Celwvynne Manor (Kobold Hall) but have little intelligence as to the strength or numbers of Kobolds in the ruined manse. A lively discussion among the party ensues as they brainstorm ways to assault the manor. Several options present themselves, such as a stealthy entry via the roof and collapsed second story, or a probing entry through one of the collapsed walls at the rear of the structure. There are also a few entry ways through the front of the structure, including the front doors or an area of collapsed wall on the front right corner tower.

Quinn looks skeptical as Belkin and Al (who, by the way, venerate deities of Mischief and Luck respectively) champion the idea of a hit-and-fade assault of the front tower. The downside is the party will have to charge across dozens of yards of open ground to breach the tower entry. At best, the plan is risky… At worst, it could lead to big trouble for Mudbane.

To be continued…


Waldo Waldo

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