The Aftermath of Chaos

Chapter 3.4 - Miscreants in Marl

Traveling south, the band holes up in the ruins of Marl “avoiding” Iron Circle patrols.

Chapter 3.3 - Trouble at Tor's Hold

The party seeks to liberate Tor’s Hold from a bevy of bullywugs.

Chapter 3.2 - A New Hope

After rescuing Ilyana and her boys, Mudbane seeks out the local druidess Reithann and the rebel leader Dar Gremath. The party pursues its first confrontation with the Iron Circle… as well as bar fight, too!

Chapter 3.1 - Return to Harkenwold

Characters return along the road to Harkenwold and discover a burning homestead…

Chapter 2.4 - Full Frontal Audacity
There can never be too many Kobolds.

The Mercenaries of Mudbane have encountered two Kobold patrols since their approach to Celwvynne Manor (Kobold Hall) but have little intelligence as to the strength or numbers of Kobolds in the ruined manse. A lively discussion among the party ensues as they brainstorm ways to assault the manor. Several options present themselves, such as a stealthy entry via the roof and collapsed second story, or a probing entry through one of the collapsed walls at the rear of the structure. There are also a few entry ways through the front of the structure, including the front doors or an area of collapsed wall on the front right corner tower.

Quinn looks skeptical as Belkin and Al (who, by the way, venerate deities of Mischief and Luck respectively) champion the idea of a hit-and-fade assault of the front tower. The downside is the party will have to charge across dozens of yards of open ground to breach the tower entry. At best, the plan is risky… At worst, it could lead to big trouble for Mudbane.

To be continued…

Chapter 2.2 - Kobold Hall
Anyone speak Draconic?

Retracing the patrol’s route, the Mudveins discover the ruin in a small clearing in the Cloak Wood. The manor house is approximately 60’ wide along the East-West axis by 100’ long from North to South, a size fit for a noble of some means were it not fallen into disrepair. Much of the first floor is still intact, whereas a large portion of the second story is collapsed and burnt out. A few rooms toward the rear of the manor on the second floor appear still intact. Scouting the manor from a distance reveals the double door main entrance on the north side of the house is partly collapsed with one large reinforced door hanging askew in its casement. The northwest corner of the manor has two collapsed wall openings and the East and West walls each have rubble strewn wall breaches. In addition, a small hole has opened in the rear (South) wall allowing for a tight squeeze. The group decides to send Belkin to investigate the southern opening in the early morning hours.

Using cloaks and weapons from the defeated patrol, Belkin disguises himself as a Kobold returning from a constitutional in the woods. Not knowing Draconic, Quinn and Akmenos teach him some simple phrases such as, “Hail Tiamat!” and “Out of my way! I have to $#!T.”

He sneaks to the rear wall of the manor undetected. The opening in the wall would be a squeeze for most full sized humanoids, but, as a halfling, Belkin can manage a the opening with little trouble. Quietly scrambling up the chunks of fallen rock and debris, Belkin peers into the darkness of the manse.

The room, currently empty, appears to be the sleeping chamber for a few of the creatures. A larger opening to the rest of the manor house is across from the wall breach about 20 to 30 feet away. The room connects to the hallway into which the breach in the West wall opens.

Left to his own devices, Belkin decides to enter the manor to investigate further without first checking with the party. Scrambling through the tight opening, Belkin quietly moves through the bedchamber, emerging into a larger foyer connecting the north hallway with the stairway to the second floor.

As he looks toward the stairs, Belkin hears a guttural bark of challenge. Two Kobolds perch near the top of the stairway on a balcony overlooking the stairwell. Belkin grunts back in broken Draconic, “Out of my way! I have to $#!T.” The Kobolds repeat the challenge louder, more strident bark… Hesitating only long enough to realize the jig is up, Belkin dashes toward the breach in the adjoining hallway and out the West wall. His escape is accompanied by the near misses of javelins and sling bullets. The Kobolds begin pursuit when a command issued from the darkness holds them back. The party believes it to be unusual for the Kobolds to cease their pursuit when so close on the tail of their quarry, but someone or something has kept the small posse from running out into unknown circumstances.

Observing the manor from a distance, the party realizes the Kobolds are organizing a search patrol — a much more organized and militaristic behavior than would be expected from such impulsive and simple minded creatures.

Chapter 2.1 - On the Road Again
Just can't wait...

Following the lead divulged by the blacksmith, the Mudvein Mercenaries head on a two day trek along the King’s Road to the Cloak Wood and Kobold Hall. Formerly known as Celwvynne Manor (Kel-hUAne), the country estate of a Fallcrest noble prior to the invasion of the Horned King. Now abandoned, decrepit and over-run with nefarious monnsters, the manor has been branded “Kobold Hall” for the creatures that raid in the area. On the second day of travel, the party, looking for trouble, soon find it in the form of a Kobold patrol.

The challenge proves more difficult than anticipated. Kobold slingers lob clay pot bombs from afar while Dragonshields dance into and out of melee with their quick, scampering combat style that which keeps them just out of weapons reach. After a difficult skirmish, the party defeats the patrol. However, no prisoners are taken, so the opportunity for intelligence on their destination is lost. Despite the group’s injuries and uncertainties on what they face, the party presses on, following the patrol’s tracks back to the manor.

Epilogue - Fallcrest

Party returns to Fallcrest.

Chapter 1.5 - Tower of Green Flame
I swear, officer. They tried to kill us first!

After Marl, the party investigates the tower at Harken Vilage (to be continued).

Chapter 1.4 - A March to the Mission in Marl
Furious Frogs and the Making of Mudvein...

After a well deserved rest at Aunt Nonnie’s, the party rises early to travel several miles (on foot, mind you) to Marl in order to meet with Village Elder Thoman. Upon arrival just shy of the mid-day meal, the party finds Thoman in conference with the local druidess.

To be continued…


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