The Aftermath of Chaos

Chapter 4.3 - Lions and Tigers and Owl-Bears, Oh My!
No... that's not the bat cave.

The heroes attempt to sneak in to the bandit “hideout”.

Chapter 4.2 - Trojan Trek
We could build a giant badger...

The heroes attempt to coax the bandits out with some subterfuge. Just how many times do they think they can attempt this tactic?

Chapter 4.1 - Hommlet with Bacon

Everyone hates brigands, right? It seems the remnants of the Iron Circle may have turned to petty bandity, or is there something more sinister afoot?

Chapter 3.10 - Liberation of Harkenwold

The Iron Circle is turned back at Albridge, but not completely defeated. The heroes must thrown the knock-out punch before reinforcements are summoned.

Chapter 3.9 - Wrath of Redthorn

Nazin Redthorn and his men attack Dar Gremath’s headquarters. The heroes must race to the rescue.

Chapter 3.8 - Battle of Albridge, Part 2
Assault on Earst's Farm

The heroes must defend the forward command post (otherwise known as Earst’s farm) from a counter assault by the Iron Circle.

Chapter 3.7 - Battle of Albridge, Part 1

The Iron Circle assaults Albridge. Can the heros hold them off?

Chapter 3.6 - Down to the Crossroads

The Iron Circle is marching on Albridge, but the rebels still need time. We need a diversion…

Chapter 3.5 - Elves and Goblins

The party needs the Elves to assist the rebels in Harkwenwold. But they ask a favor in return…

Chapter 3.4 - Miscreants in Marl

Traveling south, the band holes up in the ruins of Marl “avoiding” Iron Circle patrols.


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