The second-largest village in Harkenwold, Albridge stands where the King’s Road crosses the White River. 
Bridge over the White River

Notable Locations

1. Old Tower – This vine-covered ruin was once a guard post for the river crossing. 

2. Erst the Wainwright – owned by Erst, middle-aged human.

3. House of the Village Elder, a halfling named Gerrad.

4. Village Green – This open space serves as a market in good weather.

5. Kathrid’s Smithy – owned by Kathrid, a mature dwarf matron.

6. The Mallard Inn – This small inn and taphouse is not as well known as the Silver Nail, but serves travelers well passing through Albridge. Owned by Onneth, an older half-elf gentleman.

7. White River Merchantile – run by halfling Roma Featherton.

8. Gremath Stables – owned by human Dar Gremath.

To the northwest of Albridge lies a druid groved consecrated to the goddess Melora and overseen by a local druidess.

Albridge Map


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