Chaos Scar

The Chaos Scar is a miles-long crater formed during the Chaos War as a large meteorite of elemental material broke through the dimensonal rifts and came crashing down into the Nentir Vale. The meteor fragments plowed into the low hills of the eastern vale forming a massive crater valley polluted with primordial elemental earth and otherworldly materials. The primal magic and dimensional instabilities have drawn strange abominations and creatures of evil intent to the rift as well as scholars, mercenaries, and thrill-seekers. Many of these entered the Scar lands only to never return. A few return with fantastical tales, and fewer still with much more than some strange ores and the occasional magic trinket. Most are happy to just return alive.

Despite this, humans seem intent on settling near the Scar, perhaps due to the overly rich croplands which encompass the area. Some even say the Scar’s primal elemental magic permeates the nearby countryside bringing bumper crops and hard-earned wealth for those who dare reside close enough to reap the benefits. For some, the price comes too high and all they are left with are coppers on their eyes to pay the ferry man.

During the reign of the Horned King, what is now called “the King’s Wall” was built to cordon off the denizens of the rift — one of the few seemingly beneficent acts by the heartless tyrant. Generations later, the wall is abandoned and fallen into disrepair with large gaps of tumbled rubble.

However, in the last few years, the Regent General of Threshold has sent forces to occupy the old Keep on the borderlands of the Scar. Restwell Keep, previously home to humanoid bandits, goblinkin, and other unsavory creatures and within a day’s journey to the Wall, has been re-taken, garrisoned and repaired. Rumor even has it that there are plans in the works to sweep the Scar with a military force to clear out the evil inhabitants. For now, the Keep serves as an island of civilization in a sea of untamed landscape and savage creatures.

Chaos Scar

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