Harken Village

Harken Village is a small village nestled near the White River, along the old King’s Road in the southeast corner of the Nentir Vale. While it is the most populous in Harkenwold, the village itself in only a few hundred inhabitants including outlying farms.


The human noble Jonn Stockmer is the baron of Harkenwold.  He oversees justice, defense, and laws within the six villages and surrounding countryside that makes up the Harkenwold.  The baron appoints village elders to help with the daily governing of the Harkenwold. Harken village has no standing army, but is able to raise a militia from the village and surrounding countryside in times of need.

Stockmer Keep

Places of Interest

1. The Silver Nail – a respected taphouse owned by Eladrin “exile”, Halébrin Luterel. Known to be an excellent pub and grub, a favorite of traveling merchants and adventurers. The tavern serves local ales and wines as well as simple country cuisine utilizing local meats and produce.

2. Stockmer Keep – the castle of Baron Jonn Stockmer.

3. Cliffside Brewery – Run by Ironbeard family – Omurk, Dannurk, and wife Dathilda. This brewery is known to sell its product to taverns as distant as Fallcrest and Winterhaven.

4. House of the Village Elder – an old dwarf name Kellar.

6.Tower of Green Flame – Abandoned tower thought to be the former residence of an ancient archmage. At night the top floors radiate an odd green luminescence.

7. Harkenwold Trading Station – The major mercantile outlet in Harken owned by a stout man named Rennis.

8. House of Faith -  A large temple with shrines dedicated to Pelor, Moradin, Erathis, and Sehanine inside, overseen by Sister Sondal.

9. Nonnie’s Place – A small inn with a kitchen and common room run by halfling “Aunt” Nonnie Farwhere. 5 sp per night for room and board.

Harken Map

Harken Village

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