Human Monk, likes to punch things.


Here’s my attempt complete with grammatical errors and all kinds of other crap.

Did you pick a background trait? What is the story/reasoning behind the trait?

DEFENDER OF THE OPPRESSED: As a youth, I always felt the need to defend the weaker. It could have been simply a cat being picked on by some bullies or a group of half-elves being discriminated against for passing through our city. I could never do much to defend them and often the focus was simply turned onto me. An elderly man from my city once defended me from the wrath of a great brute I had angered by throwing a rock at his head to shut him up for taunting a blind beggar. The old man showed dexterity and power far beyond anything I had ever seen. He invited me to train with him and his sect to truly learn how to stand up against those who seek to harm the innocent.

Where are you from (city or village – you don’t have to name a specific place but I can help pick an appropriate geographic area or town for the campaign)?

Human city. Not a large one but a decent sized trading hub surrounded by farmlands.

Do you have living family? Parents? Siblings?

Loving family left behind at the city.

What did your character do before striking out into the world?

Trained diligently. To me the only way I would ever be able to make a difference was through constant training and focus. News reports of local families being slaughtered only strengthened my resolve. The world was an ugly place and the only thing that could fix it was my fist.

Do you have an enemy or even just a rival?

My enemy is the oppression on the land.

Why did you leave the apparent safety of home / family?

My master had started to take ill. He summoned me to his room on what was to be my last day in town. He presented to me his ki focus. He told me he sensed a great power in me but feared that I was becoming jaded only hearing bad news and training all day every day. He sent me out into the world to test myself and to find others who defended the innocent like me to show me that the world is not as bad as I think it is.

How do you plan to make a living on the road?

I have very few possessions. Training has taught me to make every bit of grain and water last beyond that of most. I see no problem in taking money/items from any bandits or wrong doers I encounter.

What is a strong personal belief you have about the world or life in general?

The world is in ugly place. Someone is going to have to make a difference in it and that’s me.

Do you have a life goal, purpose or cause you champion? If not, what strong motivation drives you?

Spend my life setting this horrible world right.

Do you have a code of honor or set of personal tenets you live by?

Defend the innocent at all costs.

Name a personality quirk.

Grim, gruesome nature. Would sooner strike a bandit dead with a single blow than inquire what would turn someone to evil in the first place. Also a bit cocky and smug.

_Why are you afraid of ________ ?_

Dying – I use my fear of death as motivation to train harder and fight harder.

Do you have your own personal sub-plot you’d like to explore with your character? (missing family, difficult relationship with family or a friend, making up for a past transgression, etc)

Opportunities to see events that could soften characters heart

And, most importantly, how do you know one another? Why do you trust your companions with your life?

Companions rescued me after I had been overtaken by a wizard and goblins while alone on a road. They seek to stop wrongdoing on the larger scale. I approve of this.


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