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The Aftermath of Chaos


The world is emerging from a long, dark age brought on by the devastation of the Chaos War (also known as the Gods War). Historians will argue about how exactly the Chaos War came about and eventually ended… Only the gods truly know, and they don’t take interviews.

Campaign Notes

Player Character Races – Races of Oerth and their struggles during the aftermath.



The Chaos War – War breaks out on Oerth and across the planes.

Points of Interest

A Street in Fallcrest

Albridge – Second-largest village in Harkenwold. Albridge stands where the King’s Road crosses the White River.

Fallcrest – The largest city aside from Threshold in the Nentir Vale. Major trading hub in the Vale.

Hammerfast – Dwarven stronghold in the Dawnforge Mountains north of the Chaos Scar.

Harken Village – Largest village in Harkenwold. Home to the Baron Jonn Stockmer (and Stockmer Keep).

Hafenstadt – Cold water seaport at the Northeastern end of the Nentir Vale.

Hommlet – Village just outside Harkenwold.

Nenlast – Small fishing village on Lake Nen.

Restwell Keep – Outpost near the border of the Chaos Scar.

Threshold – City on the western edge of Nentir Vale. Capital of the Grand Duchy and trading hub on the Hrusen River. Ruled by the Regent General, a position passed down through a military family since the fall of King Guthwald II during the “Last Siege” of the Horned King’s armies decades past.

Winterhaven – Town in the northwest of Nentir Vale.


The Chaos Scar – A rift in the Oerth created when a meteorite of primoridial firmament broke through from the plane of Elemental Chaos.

The King’s Wall – During the reign of the Horned King, what is now called “the King’s Wall” was built to cordon off the denizens of the rift — one of the few seemingly beneficent acts by the heartless tyrant. Generations later, the wall is abandoned and fallen into disrepair with large gaps of tumbled rubble.

The King’s Road – A trade route traversing roughly Northwest to Southest within the Nentir Vale, passing through Winterhaven, Fallcrest and Harkenwold.
King's Road through the Harken Forest

Harken Forest – Massive and ancient forest in the southeastern Vale. An arm of the forest stretches up through the central vale encompassing Harkenwold to the West, North and South.

Harkenwold – Barony in the southeastern Vale consisting of rolling hills and farmland bordering the Harken Forest. Provides agricultural, furrier and craft goods to other parts of the Vale.

Nentir River – Major river and trade route running North to South, from Lake Nen through Fallcrest to the Witchlight Fens.

White River – East to West flowing river and trade route from Harkenwold to the Witchlight Fens.

Nentir Vale Map – Right now, it’s the default map of Nentir Vale. I plan on altering the geography with a new map, but this will do for now.

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