Lord Markelhay – Ruler of Fallcrest


Baron Jonn Stockmer – Ruler of Harkenwold


Rufus and Byrne – Village lords who leave the administration of Hommlet to the Castellan.

Yeeday – Canonness (high priestess) of Cuthbert (Lawbringer)

Euphemia – Acolyte of Cuthbert. “Promoted” to right-hand of Yeeday through unfortunate circumstances.

Elmo – Town bumpkin with a big axe and a fondness for drink.

Otis – Elmo’s brother who attempted to infiltrate the Caves of Claws with his adventuring party. Recovered the Chaos Blade… sort of.

Jaroo Ashstaff – Council member and local druid who venerates the “Old Faith”.

Felicio – [Presumed Deceased] Trader and gadabout who was taken by the Cult of Mishka.


Devi – [Captured] Preistess who managed the Temple of the Lawbringer in Yeeday’s absence. Accused of aiding and abetting a cult of Mishka, along with kidnapping, murder and various other crimes against Hommlet.

Rannos and Gremag – [Escaped] Former proprietors of the Hommlet trading post who are accused of aiding and abetting the brigands and cultists.

Bullywugs – Frog men are just the worst… but at least they’re not Goblins.

Goblins – Because they are Goblins.


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